Monday, January 2, 2012

A fun Holiday, now it's back to reality!

My sons and I traveled to Chicago to watch the Blackhawks on the 30th.  I don't like Chicago primarily because of the driving.  I did like the shopping downtown however..but CRAZY!!!  So many cars, so many people.  I don't care to ever go back there.  I'll take my country living over the city!

So I'm back at work today and it's crazy busy, but that's great.  I have the best job in the world and feel amazingly blessed to have it.

Today it's a snowy, windy, cold blustery day.  Perfect to be indoors and looking out at it.  BUT..after work it's pounding the pavement or riding the trainer indoors, haven't made my mind up yet, but it will be one or the other.

Hope you're back at it in 2012!


  1. So glad you and your boys had a great time at the game, I can't imagine what Chicago must be like...Toronto perhaps?

    Maybe hit the trainer today, it is blustery here too and I sat and did 45 minutes of, I may xc ski a little if it isn't too bad in the bush.

    I'm back to work tomorrow...sigh!

  2. It is so windy outside today (in Chicagoland)... I am staying inside for my workout!

    I work in Chicago but think it's too crazy busy, so we live way out in the suburbs... and have our own little peace and quiet too.

  3. Driving in big cities scares me to death. Glad you made it back safely. Hope you guys had a happy holiday season and a great start to the new year!


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