Monday, January 23, 2012

Busy weekend..

This weekend was exceptionally busy.  It started off for me making dinner and stying in Friday night.  I tried to bake an angel food cake.  How hard can that be for crying outloud, mine always looks like the pic below..I suck!
Saturday morning I was up and on my way down to the OneAmerica Building to do the annual Bop to the Top stair run.  My time was early and I warmed up as soon as I got there.  I went up at 8:40 and in total it took me 10 min's or so.  It was 36 floors which isn't crazy hard you would think, but by the time I hit the 16th floor my heart was pounding so hard and my breathing was uncontrollable.  I had to stop at the end of every other floor or so to try and slow my breathing down. It didn't help.  After I finished my throat and chest hurt so bad, like the worst case of bronchitis you ever could imagine.  I continued to cough and cough for the next two days.  The narrow stairwell is dry and hot.  Well that's a one and done thing.  I have zero interest in climbing stairs like this again.  My lungs just can't take it.  I've done 10 Ironman triathlons and I can't say I've ever had such pains in my chest from breathing so hard..ever!
After the Bop to the Top Saturday, we had tickets to go see the Knaptown Roller Derby Girls at the Pepsi Collesium..oh joy!!!  It was fun at first, but then pretty lame.  Next door was the Indy home show.  We thought that would be more exciting..and it was!  They had built a whole house inside the event.  It was beautiful and I even got to meet Rupert Bonehem from Survivor!! That was the hightlight of my whole weekend :)

My biggest you hunny!!!


  1. Check out that cake! Don't feel alone. Its not about presentation so much as it is about taste! Did it taste good?? :)

    We're having one of those building races here next weekend. My quads told me no. No. No. No. I'm glad you posted that it sucked.

  2. LMAO about the cake, that's exactly how I bake and why I don't even try any more! Holy Yikes about the stairs...10 minutes? Really? That is pretty freaking great!

    Yes, we went to roller derby this past summer, it is fun for the first shift...

  3. Stair climbing seems so difficult to me. I mean (and I am sure everyone says this) I get winded walking up the stairs in my house! Good for you for tackling it!

  4. Congrats on the Bop to the Top!! I would still be passed out on the 3rd floor. ;)


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