Thursday, January 26, 2012


This was just erected here this week for the Superbowl.  Downtown is already becoming a nightmare.  There are tons of streets closed downtown as well as thousands more people around town and traffic will be crazy. 

I have to head to Los Angeles the weekend before valentines day, so next weekend (yes stupidbowl weekend), I made a secret get away surprise for my husband and myself.  We are going to Nashville, IN to a Border Collie retreat.  I found them on the net and we'll stay in a B&B.  We can even bring our BC for fun!!

This week has been a total slap in the face training wise.  I was all sharp and ready to go until my friend had a massive heart attack in class. He's only 54 and in amazing shape.  How many times have you heard.."so & so was out running in the best shape of his life and died of a heart attack"...just goes to show us, no matter how good we look on the outside, we may be crap on the inside.  Our friend is in ICU still and on ice ..I understand today they will start to bring him back around as long as his heart remains stable..thanks be to GOD!

Regardless, tonight we will head back to our cycling class, give a few minutes of silent reflection on our friend and get back at it.  I haven't swam once or ran once this slacker.  BUT, I just couldn't bring myself mentally to doing anything since I was so traumatized by watching my friend collapse, have a heart attack..etc.

I will get back to it.

Sunday I have an indoor triathlon where I totally expect to SUCK! 

What the heck it will be fun right??


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend!! Keeping him in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. What is a Border Collie Retreat?

    I feel so bad for your friend. Keep us posted. And be easy on yourself this week!

  3. It's just a place where they breed and sell Border Collies :)


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