Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Masters Swim

Knocked out a good set this a.m. at Masters.  Only was there an hour, but was able to get in 3,000 yds.  Coach said I could increase tempo and that I had a really good stroke.  I'm not sure how you do that as I've always been told to try and glide more and decrease your stroke per length.  I'm so confused!!


  1. Masters swimmers and endurance triathletes have different speed/efficiency trade-offs!

  2. I swam in an endless pool at our local tri shop on Friday and they have a mirror at the bottom of the pool, so you can watch yourself. Talk about getting my brain all confused. I kept looking down and losing concentration, pretty funny.

  3. Nice job with your swim! I always thought you wanted to glide and have fewer strokes too, until I went to some open water swim clinics. They basically said in open water you should try and have a faster stroke...ugh..so confusing!


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