Friday, January 13, 2012

Time Trial night

Last night after our huge wintry blast....LOL..we still had our cycling class. 

It was a time trial night.  We had originally done this back in early October to gauge where our fitness levels were and for our coach to be able to assign us some training zones.  I struggled last October as I hadn't really been training for quite some period of time.  My avg. speed after out 20 min TT back in October was 15.5 mph..pathetic I know.

Last night we performed another 20 min TT.  We had a nice long warm up of about 30 mins.  Then we stopped the pedaling, reset our bike computers and started.  I decided that the first 6 min's would be an easier pace and then I would ramp up my speed after the 10 min mark.  I ended up averaging...18.5 that's a huge improvement over last October for me.  I was happy!!!

Our cycling program ends in March.  I plan on being ahead of my training buddies on the bike at least as they are probably just starting their training, which is fine.  I just felt I really needed a boost this winter as last year was almost a total write off for me as far as training and racing went.

Well as they say.."onwards and upwards"....happy TGIF!!


  1. Awesome workout...don't worry about last year, focus on this year and you will be so surprised with your results! I believe in YOU!

  2. That's a big improvement! I love days like that! Makes you wanna smile and high five yourself!

  3. Nice job!! It's always nice to see all of your hard pay off! :)


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