Saturday, December 31, 2011

Adios 2011, Hello 2012

In just a few short hours the clock will strike midnight just like it has every year.

As I look back I realize there were many interesting things that happened, not so interesting, pretty sad, pretty happy, sometimes infuriating, sometimes joyful.

I've witnessed great grief and struggles with health issues that you can't imagine if I told you, and maybe you might.  Not to me, but to my husband who struggled mightily in 2011.  He'll see 6 surgeries behind him and I only wish him the very best in health this upcoming year.  I want a normal husband/wife relationship in every sense of the word.  This past year I was never sure if that would happen.  I have learned now that I have to be a good nurse wife to my husband and that means being more compassionate and understanding.  We have a new marriage and I want desperately for it to be wonderful.  Maybe in time...

In 2012 some great things are going to happen.  You'll see i've added a countdown to IMLOU.  I have decided to post my workouts each and every single day, whether I nailed them or failed them.  I will only have myself to hold accountable for my success, or lack thereof at the Ironman in August.

I want to wish each and everyone of you..(maybe all 3) that read my blog a most amazing 2012.  I hope you all have wonderful health and happiness.

Best wishes for a great NEW YEAR!!


  1. Best wishes to your husband's health this year, and to your training! :)

  2. Girl, it will only get better...we both need to hang on to that and enjoy what time we have.

    Wishing you and Steve a wonderful, healthy, Happy New Year!


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