Monday, December 12, 2011

Falling Star..

This morning on my lonely 4:30 a.m. drive to the pool, I saw a falling most immediate response was to make a wish....this wish was very easy.  I wished to give my husband perfect health.  He's had so many battles over 2011 and my prayer for 2012 is that he get back to a normal life so he can start doing the things he loves so much.  That's my wish.

This weekend was great!  Yesterday I attended a weekend cycling class that had us doing :30 minutes of core work and then a 90 minute training session.  I died.  My legs were tired, but a good tired.  I have made a huge improvement since I first started back in October.  We did a 20min TT back then and my average speed was around 15.9 mph. and my HR was typically in the 160's or 170's.  Now I'm happy to report that my avg. speed is around 19mph and my HR is typically around the 130's-140's..amazing!

This a.m.'s swim had us doing a lot of intervals.  I used my fins and got scolded..not really..well kinda..:)  I'm not to use my fins anymore but during kick sessions.  I know this having swam for over 10 years that we don't do that in races so why do that in the pool?? Well...cause it's fun :)  Oh well, it was great while it lasted.

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  1. I love your wish. it's awesome & hope it comes true:)


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