Thursday, December 1, 2011


Everybody wants it, everybody needs it...sometimes though we just want to feel supported.    A good old pat on the back letting us know.."it's ok"..I understand, go for it.
As the weeks progress here I hope my SO supports everything I do and comes to a realization that this is what makes me happy and frustrated, but centered.  Loves me for being "me". 
December is here and what?? Nine months until IMLOU...time waits for no one!

Hoping you are feeling "supported" today :)



  1. Well, I'm not your SO but you've got my support! Where are you in your training for this one? Maybe you could post about it..... 10 IM's already, eh? Wow. I stopped at 2 :-) But we should both get on those pushups.

  2. Ellie, I can't do ONE push up..wish I could, I keep trying :)


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