Wednesday, December 7, 2011

You want me to do what??

Back to swimming with masters this a.m.  It's a new thing for me as I've not belonged to a masters group for sometime now.  Spoke to coach on deck as I introduced myself.  Looks like a big group and they have several locations and times which is great!
I got in the pool and the normal warm up is 400m free.  Then we stopped and he explained the workout.  Plenty of stroke work today.  That meant fly..UGHHH...back, breast and free.  I seriously suck at any stroke but free.  How embarrassing, but I hung in and tried my best as I knew how.

After the class talking to the coach, he told me that doing ALL strokes will help me in the long run..I know this..just have to keep telling myself that it's all goooodddddddd!

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  1. Wow, fly.... talk about bad memories, I could never do fly back when I was a competive swimmer, yet my coaches always put me in the individual medley and I was DQ'd in every race because I couldnt do the fly properly, I will never do it again


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