Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ironman Sweden?

Really?? Ironman announced another new race on the circuit.  Why can't Ironman come up with more "tropical" destinations?  I have zero plans of every traveling over to Europe...just zero desire!  But that's me.  I love heat..lots of it.  I'd like to see an Ironman Costa Rica, Ironman Barbados (been there 3x's), Ironman Grand Caymen Islands..LOL.  Okay, so lets say you would have to go around the islands several times...it would be nice, tropical, hot!!!

Well for now I'll stick to my HOT Ironman Louisville this summer and dream of some tropical place that Ironman might come up with..say in February/March of some year.. :)


  1. They have a REV3 race in Costa Rico in either late Feb, early March

  2. You should come to Maryland and do SavageMan. It's a HIM but the bike course will have you cursing. I love it!! I've said I don't want to do any more IM's but if they would add a full-IM option to SavageMan I'd just plain have to do it.
    www.savagemantri.org, check it out!


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