Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekend workouts..

Well I was supposed to do 1.5hrs on the bike, that was a total fail as running around and then driving an hour each way to visit the in-laws and drop off our tax info took almost the whole day Saturday.
Sunday at least was better.  Got in a 5 mile run.  I suck at running and even that 5 miles was a huge struggle.  I do love to be out though this time of the year.  The sun is out, it's warming up, people were out riding, running, walking their dogs..just lovely!

This a.m. it was up at 4:26 and off to the pool.  We had a HARD workout.  Our main set was 8x125's on the 2:00' face was beat red at the end and I thought my arms were going to fall off :) 

Tonight it's an hour with my buddy Tony Horton on P90X2...really love those DVD's!

Hope your weekend was better training wise.


  1. I got sidelined by non-training stuff going on, too. But got in a nice bike ride today, warm weather, dry roads, first since January!

    About foam rollers (thanks for commenting on my blog!) I have not used one. Do you know how to select the right size? They come in different diameters and densities.

  2. I had two bike rides last week that I missed. Bummer. It's pretty out today so I'm thinking there might still be a chance for me yet! I don't know why but I like my pool time more than bike time.

  3. We had a major dump of snow over the weekend, so I got two epic xc ski's in and a nice 6k run.

  4. It's awesome if you have enough strength to train over weekend. In order to boost my energy before the most tough workouts I am usually taking Navy Seal Formula manufactured by MGNutritionals. My reps are going up, and my overall energy and motivational level stays high


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