Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's leap year..

Apparently this is a day where women can ask men to marry them...I watched the movie "Leap Year" and it was actually pretty darned cute...anywhoooo... This a.m. I completely slept thru my 4:26 a.m. wake up call to go to masters swim..I think I was exhausted from our cycling class last night and not sleeping very well.

So, tonight I'll do my longish run..except that there's this whole leap year run thing.  I can't run 29 miles, I want to run further than 2.9 miles and longer than 29minutes..what should I do instead?? Any ideas out there?


  1. Run 29 minutes :)

    I was suppose to go to masters swim last night and totally missed it. Doesn't start till 8:30 pm but by the time I had gotten home from my run and fixed everyone blueberry waffles, including myself, I took a shower, put on the PJ's and called it good night. Kinda glad I did.

  2. Leave your long running till the weekend, shorter runs during the week along with swimming and spinning work well, especially when you have to go to work too!


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