Friday, February 17, 2012

Training plans?

I've been following the competitive plan from my IronFit book.  Seems like it's going to be very manageable.  Last night we had our coached cycling class..we did lots of hard sessions.  My quads were killing me last night.  So the most intelligent thing was to get up and go swimming right?  My kicking even hurt in the pool, but it's a good sign that means i'm working hard :)

What's your training plan?



  1. I'm so excited about all of your training, you inspire me! My training has started, stopped, started and stopped since, with that said, I'm really, really hoping to get to the pool after work today. Then some walk/running will begin this weekend. Keep up the great work're on your way to Iron!

  2. I'm so happy you shared!! I'm using the Matt Lieto Trifuel Half Iron plan. It's 6 days a week. I try and do all 6 but sometimes I cheat and do 5 if I'm feeling tired and need a break or if I just feel overwhelmed with work and the kids. I know what you mean about the quads!! Yesterday I ran 7.5 and then went straight to masters swim and doing 300 kick was a tough order. I, like you though, feel like I'm getting stronger as time goes by. The girl in the lane next to me got a cramp in her foot and we all had a good laugh watching her come up with a frog kick so she could finish. I love pool time.

  3. Swimming is good for recovery, right? :)

  4. IM training is so challenging. So time-consuming and the goal seems so far-off as to be unreal. I found keeping motivated was a big challenge.

    My current training plan:
    AT (Appalachian Trail, start date May 21) while fighting AT (Achilles Tendonitis): Walk every other day, add 1/2 mile twice a week. I'm up to 5 miles.

    Crab Run 1/2 Marathon (April 14): Train w/ walk/run twice a week, add one 2-min run segment per run. I'm up to 6 of those and my tendon is aching. I don't think I'm going to make the half-mary unless I walk it. I don't want to try to run and then not be able to walk and not be able to hike the AT.


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