Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekend fun.

Indiana had some scary weather this past Friday, we managed to miss it pretty much which was good, not so good for the other states and southern Indiana which was pretty hard hit.  So sad for the victims and their families who pretty much lost everything.

Saturday I was able to get a run in and have some fun with our girls tri-team night out.  There was plenty of food, drink and talk.  I like these get dinners as they happen once a month and whomever is hosting gets to pick a part theme.  This time it was Irish because of the upcoming St. Patricks day celebrations.

This a.m. it was back in the pool and getting some long stuff in, which I pretty much like.

Train hard!

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  1. There was some nasty stuff in between where you and I live. I passed the ramp for West Liberty in KY on my way back from Ashland this weekend and couldn't help but to think about how that entire town got wiped out. Doesn't seem fair.

    How's the training coming? I have 90 min on the bike tonight.


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