Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My son's approved!

We filed for a USA visa petition for my youngest son as he will be coming here to live with us.  It was filed back in Sept. and now the petition has been approved.  We have a few more steps, $$ and paperwork, and hopefully all will be set by the time he comes here in June..I.CAN'T WAIT!!

On another note.  Training is going well so far.  I have a 30min core and 1:00 bike ride tonight.  Then another on Thursday and that concludes our winter cycling program.  I can't wait to get out on the roads..today it's going to be 60, but i'll be riding indoors..oh well.

Happy training!


  1. I think most people don't know about the kind of cost that it is to live in this country legally. Just to get the paperwork done! I went through it with my husband. I'm glad your son is on his way!!

  2. I'm SO EXCITED for both of you...well, ALL of you! It has been a long road, but you are getting there. xoxoxo


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