Friday, March 9, 2012

TT results.

Last night was our final coached cycling class.  It's been a great one and I have improved which I thank the coach and the others for motivation and bringing me to a higher level.  This motivation has lead to so many things.  Mostly just getting out there and training with other like minded individuals.  When I first started in October, I sucked so badly as I hadn't had consistent training for almost 2 years.  Our first TT had me at an average of 15mph.  Which has not been my ability in the past years.  Fast forward a few months later and I managed to bring that up to 19 mph, more like me.  Then last night our final TT I averaged out at 21mph.  It was for only 20 min's, but it was a solid effort and I'm quite happy with my training and results with cycling at this point.

My nutrition has been pretty good too.  I quit sugar over two weeks now and I honestly don't miss it as I get enough sugar from fruits.  I have never been a big sweet person anyways.  My addiction is more saltiness. What does that say about me..LOL.  The other thing is that I've pretty much eliminated all processed foods.  So what does that leave? Just about anything that's not processed.  I don't need the crap and I'm confident I can maintain this for awhile until my weight is where should be.  From their I'll reassess. I'm not missing it, so why go back to it?

This a.m. I had a pretty good set at masters.  I had just less than an hour time-wise, but since it's coached he makes the best out of our use of time.

Tomorrow a.m. I'll be picking my son up at O'Hare airport and then heading downtown for our fun weekend in the windy city..can't wait!!

Happy training!

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