Monday, June 4, 2012

Super Fun Training Weekend

This weekend we had around 28 people at the tri camp I attended. Friday night we had a run efficiency test around a track, monitoring our HR and time per lap. It was interesting and I found that each lap I did my time decreased and my HR increased..not good. You can bet that monitoring my HR during training will become a major focus for me. We biked in a very windy and hilly course. It was very pretty and who know southern Indiana was sooo hilly! After that we did more running and then we had an underwater taping and analysis of our swimming. That was interesting. Coach says I have a pretty good stroke and just needed to work on more bending of the elbow. My running still sucks..who knew. Even though I'm doing more and more running I'm still pretty darned slow. I just think I will never have the bio-mechanics to run fast. I just "my" pace and that's all I can do. That's okay, I'm never in contention to win anything :)) Sunday we rode out to an area where we practiced our transitions, mounting/dismounting our bikes. This was full on anaerobic since the course was just a 3+ mile bike followed by a 1.5 mile run x 2. It was hot and sunny so that added to the fun too! All in all a pretty good back and legs are sore, but other than that, i'm ready to take on more challenging training.


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