Friday, July 13, 2012

Muncie 37.0?

Muncie was reduced to an olympic distance race. The water was the hardest and hottest i've ever experienced...89 degrees..yah, that's a hot swim. The bike was nice with smooth rollers and lots of drafting..ah hem...cheaters! I thought the run was great and hilly..the volunteers took such good care of us having an aid station every 500', loved them!!! I'm still training for IMLOU. My training has not been going well and I'll have to decide a few weeks from now if i'm actually going through with this whole race. To do so may mean certain failure and injury...i'm thinking this through for a bit.


  1. Stay healthy and congrats on the race!

  2. It has been crazy hot here, I can't imagine what it is like for you. I have well established shrubs that are dead or dying...we've had NO rain in almost two months.

    You are smart chick and will know what is best for you. Hang in there, I'm only a phone call away!



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