Friday, April 27, 2012

I suck!

I broke down and bought some goodies to stash in my office drawer. I'm so bad and had been so good with the sugar free food and crap. We all can't be perfect!

What do you have hidden in your drawer at work?


  1. I like to have a sugary snack in my drawer too! Right now it's banana chips.

  2. I have Cheezits, fruit bites, dried fruit slices, and trail mix

  3. After over 40 days of being caffeine free, I had to break down and start drinking coffee again! As for sugar ~ I have Nature Valley Trail Mix bars at my desk!

  4. I have an m&m stash - the big bags of PB m&ms and dark chocolate peanut m&ms. I can go through half a bag in an afternoon somedays! So bad. Every week or two I get annoyed at myself and toss it all... then the next day I refill it.

    Good luck with the slow/pacing half this weekend. I bet it will be fun.


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